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              AMRAK - BOSSMATIC
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Bossmatic Champion Status
          Anti-Bully Footwear 

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About the Designer 
About the Creator
Sean Roberts is a native of New York city and moved to Orlando Florida for a change in environment and to make a difference.
As he arrived in Florida he felt the passion for filming and supporting children and started immediately. 

While living in florida Sean had a lifechanging  bullying experience in the entertaintment indusry and that's when he decided to create Amrak an antibully film and project.

As time progressed he was introduced to Dave Gonzales who involed his son in the AMRAK project and then a business relationship started.

As time went on Sean talked to Dave about creating an antibully sneaker and Dave being a designer liked the idea and worked with Sean Roberts to create the first anitbully sneaker.
Sean has also been featured in 13 magazines,  1 international publication, several interviews on TelemundoTV, Univision TV, and Mega TV as well as radio stations in the Orlando Floirda area known as  95.3 FM, 104.5 FM & 1680 AM.

 This shoe was designed by Dave Gonzales who is also the founder and designer for the next upcoming brand that cators to individuals who have the passion to excel and be bosses in there own professions. ​​

This brand is known as Bossmatic Champion Status! 

Starting with a fragrance that ultimatley flourished into footwear, apparel as well as eyewear designs Dave was excited to assist Sean in this project to create the worlds first anti-bully sneaker! 

Dave Gonzales is also a Battle Style DJ, Music Producer and indulges in Artist Development.

 Working with children to assist on helping them tap into their God given talents.

He  is also known for developing his 10 year old son with vocal delivery, writing, acting as well as keeping him motivated and prepared for greatness.  He goes by: DJ LiL X  

His passion for fashion and great looking apparel is simply  inspired from his inner child as dreams to be a great performer and a successful individual rising from poverty and a challenging upbringing.

Amrak was created by Sean Roberts to shine light on the evil in our world, to stand up for those that can't. To speak for those that are silent and to act for those that are too afraid. ​​

Amrak is created for us as a community to stand together,
to try and put an end to bullying.  

We let children as well as adults know the effects of bullying that causes depression, anxiety as well as fear and other issues. 
Feel free to visit us for upcoming events and sign up.